Lonely Painter Project

Photo/Foto: Courtesy of the Artist
PHOTO/FOTO: The Lonely Painter Project

The Lonely Painter Project, an interdisciplinary collaborative, uses performance as a shared mode of inquiry. Drawing upon their respective training in movement, sound, theater and visual art, as well as on distinct relationships to region and place, they seek to tamper with those parts of ourselves that colonial modernity would have atrophied.


Soy Puto

The bizarre-cabaret collective Fuerza Travesti was born in 2010 as part of a transdisciplinary group accompanying Hija de Perra en the Chiquitibúm bizarre performance festival (2001-2010). In their stagings they combine multiple signifying codes such as visibility of trans bodies and sexual disobedience.

So Blissful and So Happy

A performance celebrating the bizarre performer “Hija de Perra.” There is a rite where her insubordinate spirit is invoked and revived through personas forming part of a scenic imagination in search of a visual artistic terrorism countering the state and normativity.