Street Art-Action

The Indigenous City

We invite proposals that articulate the points of contention and convergence between indigeneities and contemporary urban space. What practices allow the creation of networks of thought and action that confront racism and invisibilization in a city prone to cultural homogenization in the context of neoliberalism and globalization? What spaces, strategies, and practices enable or hinder the full expression of interculturality in the city? We seek proposals that think through the city’s occupation and habitability practices that enable cultural differences and eccentricities.

Memory and Violence

We seek street art actions that problematize the ways memory is spatialized in public space, and that explore memory and collective forms of resistance. The proposals do not necessarily have to address memory in Chile. We invite artists to work multi-dimensionally with memories of other communities or places that can be put in critical tension with the city of Santiago. Accepted proposals will be scheduled in memory locations of Santiago, such as former detention and torture centers or memorials.

Resistance in Urban Peripheries

We invite street actions that critique the grids of power that organize contemporary cities and that both highlight and invite resistance to the grotesque inequalities which these sustain—from racial, economic and other forms of socio-spatial segregation to the savage gentrification and displacement underway in cities across the world.  Accepted proposals will be programmed in one of Santiago’s most combative popular neighborhoods: La Comuna de Pedro Aguirre Cerda.