Alejandra Ugarte

PHOTO/FOTO: Alejandra Ugarte

Alejandra Ugarte is a transdisciplinary artist who reflects on her maternit(ies), the hierarchical power relations established by this bond, public/private space, and education as imposture, taking everyday elements in her life and that of her daughter’s that represent – and question – these social institutions.

Maternit(ies) of Exchange

This action proposes a symbolic exchange through the dispossession of clothing and toys belonging to my daughter; objects-archives that represent affective, cultural and cross-border experiences that create ties between my maternit(ies), migration and the exclusion of the margins of power.

PHOTO/FOTO: Álvaro Herrera

Álvaro Herrera is a teacher, researcher and multidisciplinary artist with projects in the areas of Urban Art as well as in Performance and sport. His work and physical practices have led him to different cities around the world and events such as the Havana Biennial or the Boston Marathon.

Around the Nucleus

The public health is in the periphery, the community is the last priority. The margin is also energy, electrons, and the possibility of noise. Rolling around the center, with the impossibility of entering it, can be frustrating. In the end we can understand that after the ruin you can only stay the creation.

PHOTO/FOTO: Álvaro Villalobos
Álvaro Villalobos was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1963. An UNAM (Mexico) and ASAB (Colombia) alum, he works on social and political issues through performances, videos, installations and photographs. He has received various art and research residencies to create his work and is currently a postgraduate student.


The performance consists in making visible the situation of migrants and displaced people within and beyond borders. Migrations are tied with violence, poverty and handicaps but, in spite of significant losses in nature and memory, migrants resist and create strategies of survival to adapt to new life conditions.

PHOTO/FOTO: David Widgington

David Widgington is an undisciplinary artivist interested in our shared oppositional cultural heritage. He is working on a trilogy of transmedia installations to explore Victor Turner’s 3-phase ritualistic performance theory, of which the first was exhibited during the Encuentro in 2014. He is a long-time media activist, archivist and engaged decorator.

Solidarity Banner for La Comuna de Pedro Aguirre Cerda

David’s performative gesture of solidarity between Montréal and Santiago is expressed by the collaborative creation of a protest banner with passersby on the streets of La Comuna de Pedro Aguirre Cerda. As a prototype performance for his larger video installation project Sous le pavé la rage, it will test two of many possible diversities of tactics.

PHOTO/FOTO: Fernando Pertuz

Fernando Pertuz is an artist, activist and researcher whose aim is to stimulate civil participation for social transformation. His intention is to open interactive, participatory, and collaborative spaces where the commonUNITY may reflect on its environment in order to strengthen human interactions and society.

ConcertACTION Table

A dialogue, an encounter amongst those present for reflection and social transformation. Drawing from Latin American and South American local experiences, the performance invites you to share around a table with wheat crops your ideas on food safety, the exploitation of resources, food farming, water use, and struggles over territory.